MaintLogger System

Maintenance Log management system for running your construction or trade related company's customer care maintenance programme.

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Maintenance Log Management System

Organise your maintenance logs with MaintLogger to provide the best customer care for your clients. Allow your clients to log in to your website to view the status of their outstanding logs.

The backbone to the system is an internal maintenance log management system that allows you to create and update logs. The second part of the system provides you with an iOS iPhone app that your maintenance staff can use to view logs, add comments to them and call the customer direct from the app. Last but not least, the final part of the system allows your clients to log into your website to view their outstanding log progress.

Maintenance Log System


The maintenance logging system is comprised of the following components.

Log Management System

  • Provides the ability to create, edit, delete and archive logs.
  • Mark logs as outstanding, pending, complete and Invoiced.
  • Email the Log details to the relevant contractor / developer.
  • Archive logs and download to excel spreadsheet.
  • Dashboard overview of log status and latest booked appointments.
  • Create user accounts for your staff members and clients for viewing their log statuses.

iOS iPhone App

  • iPhone app that enables your workers to have an up-to-date view on the maintenance logs wherever they are.
  • View upcoming appointments in a calendar day view or list view.
  • Abilty to update the booked date/time and log status as well as adding comments.
  • See the latest updated logs.
  • Call a customer direct from the app.

Website Integration

  • The maintenance log system can be integrated into you website to allow your clients to log in and view the status of their outstanding logs.
  • This provides and up-to-date view on all outstanding work allowing them to avoid ringing you for log progress updates.
  • Updates made via the Log Management System will be reflected on your website for your clients to view.

Log Management System

The internal Maintenance Log Management System allows you to create and update maintenance logs for your clients that you provide a maintenance service to.

To create a log you can enter details such as Log No, Date Booked, Job Title and Details, Plot No, Customer Details to name but a few.

Logs can be marked as Outstanding, Pending or Complete. Logs can be archived and marked as invoiced allowing you to know which logs you have sent invoices for.

Maintenance Log System

iOS iPhone App

To aid your maintenance workers, the system comes with an iOS app to allow them to easily view outstanding maintenance jobs and to update the progress of the job. This is then sent back to the main management system and can be also viewed by your clients via your website (see section below on website integration).

View upcoming booked appointments for logs using the calendar view per day screen or via a list of appointments.

The app will also show the latest log updates enabling your workers to see up to date information on the logs that they may be working on.

iPhone App

Company Website Integration

The maintenance log system can integrate with your website to provide the ability for your clients to log into your website to view their maintenance logs which are created and maintained via the log management system above.

This provides an up-to-date view on the status of their maintenance logs.

Company Website Integration